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Health Care

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Information Technology

Analysis and Creation of  Relational Database Management System Administration of Database Replication of data between 2 or more standby Oracle databases Flashback to view and manipulate past states of the database without (destructively) recovering to a fixed point in time Daily Database Backup Database Recovery Disaster Recovery of valuable data     Advanced Database Security …

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Financial Management

Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing delivers a best-in-class solution that is functionally rich, easily upgradeable, and highly efficient for all sizes of banks, enabling them to improve corporate and retail billing so that they can maximize fee-based income. Financial Services Revenue Management and Billing reduces revenue leakage, supports accurate consolidated billing, and provides the sales force with the ability to competitively …

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Υπηρεσίες Συμβουλευτικών Υπηρεσιών   Ανάλυση Δεδομένων Ευρωπαϊκά Προγράμματα Εκπαίδευση Business Development Total Quality Financial Management Mapping of Data Re-engineering of the Workflow Tuning of the Workflow Decision Making Human Resource CRM Procurement Quality Cost Control  Accounting Interoperability Security Performance Management

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