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Health care

Health Care Strategy

Visioning,     Strategic Planning,     Business Planning , Facilitate the Structures Planning ,     Make Fact – based Strategic Decision,      Develop and Communicate a clear Vision,      Effectively allocate your Technology Resources and Capital 

 Health Care Marketing

Market Analysis,   Marketing Strategy,    Campaign execution 

Health Care Performance program  

Continuous improvement program development,  Process excellence,  End to end process enhancements,  Quality control

Improvements identification

Performance assessment,  Workflow and through put optimization,  Health Care data analysis and decision support,  Performance tracking,  Process tracking,  Process mapping


Management Consulting,  Administration Consulting,  Science Consulting,  Health Care Technology,  Organization Development,  Performance Improvement,  IT in Health Care,  Patients Consulting

Management Consulting

Hospitals, Academic Medical Centers, Long –term Facilities,  Clinical Lab,  Government Health Clinics,  Diagnostic Centers / Imaging Centers,  Home Care Services,  Outpatients Clinics,  Public and Private Sectors,  Management Training

Administration Consulting

Administration,  Marketing,  Financial,  Personal,  Customer Support,  Creativity,  Flexibility,  Dependability

Science Consulting

Health Care Trends,  In Vitro Diagnostics,  Health Care Tools and Technology,  Medical Devices,  Special Application in Health Care,  Simulation

Health Care Technology

Organization Development

Organization change Management,  Staff engagement, development and retention strategies,  Strategy for information sharing among individuals and business