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VD International Consulting provides consulting services to the Public Administration and Local Government. VD has a distinguished team of professionals with many years of experience who have the necessary expertise needed by local authorities in order to adapt to new economic conditions.In the 21st century, Knowledge Society generates new data and new opportunities for growth, prosperity and quality of life. The development is based on the rapid development of Information Technologies and Communication Systems.These technologies are an essential tool for open and effective governance and for providing qualitatively better services to the citizens. Meanwhile, they are creating a new, based on knowledge, economy and enhancing the role of human resources. The State’s role remains important and focused on advancing reforms in the economy and society, on citizens’ services, investment in human resources, and safeguarding the citizens’ rights in the digital age.Key role in the successful implementation of Knowledge Society, will also play, new modes of public and private sector partnerships, as well as, the involvement of civil society in its shaping. The Society of Knowledge and the human capital development, constitutes the lynch pin of a strategic intervention in the economy. In the era of knowledge, the capital of an organization is the employees who form the mechanisms of knowledge production.




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