Software Development

  • Software Development
  • Web applications (installation-free, browser-based, accessible from everywhere)
  • Applications for database administration, statistical and financial applications
  • Data analysis with thousands of variables for better economic and managerial performance
  • Data mining applications
  • Scenario-building applications
  • e-Government applications for cost-cutting, workload reduction, accessibility, user-friendliness and 24/7 services
  • Technical support for networks, servers, PCs etc
  • Java ADF (Application Development Framework)
  • Visual Basic


  Βάση Δεδομένων Ανάλυση και Σχεδιασμός Συστημάτων Oracle Developer Tool JDeveloper Data Modeler SQL Developer JDeveloper Extension Content Management BPM SOA Web Portal Web logic Business Intelligent Data Ming Oracle Warehouse  Oracle Services  Database Install Database. Create new Databases. Data Modeler Install Data Modeler Tool. Create Data Models and the process (Data Flow Diagram). SQL …

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Open Source

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